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Monday, June 24, 2013

Family Photographer: Coronation, AB - Extended Family Session: Farm Boys and Their Girls

I love going back home, to where I grew up.  I wish I was able to do it more.
My family all left, so I have no 'home' to go back to in Coronation.
But I still love it so.

When one of my friends I grew up with asked me to come out and do family photos, I was thrilled.  Her in-laws have all this farm land, and she wanted to get photos done on the old home site where her father in law grew up.  Kevin thought we were crazy because "all that's out there is a bunch of old buildings..."
It was even better than I imagined and I am so glad to have been able to photograph people there!  Not to mention, people as beautiful as these ones.  I even said to one of the girls
"You are so pretty, and you look so much like your dad.  I never would have thought someone that looked like your daddy could be so pretty." Teehee.